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DMAK/2023-24/1329 PDB PANEL

Rs. 165,200.00 Rs. 181,720.00


DMAK/2022-23/3877 16 KVAR APFC PANEL

Rs. 44,250.00 Rs. 48,675.00


DMAK/2022-23/3189 LT PANEL

Rs. 170,274.00 Rs. 187,301.00


DMAK/2022-23/7602 PDB PANEL

Rs. 94,164.00 Rs. 108,288.00


DMAK/2023-24/1637 LT PANEL

Rs. 421,260.00 Rs. 483,800.00


DMAK_2022_2023_9173 APFC PANEL

Rs. 190,500.00 Rs. 190,515.00


DMAK_2022_2023_7974 PDB PANEL

Rs. 141,700.00 Rs. 162,955.00


DMAK_2022_2023_2204 LT PANEL

Rs. 159,400.00 Rs. 183,310.00


DMAK_2022_2023_7322 ACDB PANEL

Rs. 341,000.00 Rs. 392,150.00


DMAK_2022_2023_0504 PDB PANEL

Rs. 70,400.00 Rs. 70,415.00

Shop for safe and effective Electrical Control Panel

An Electrical Control panel is a critical component of an electrical system. It houses circuit breakers, fuses, and other protective devices that regulate the flow of electricity in a building or facility. The primary function of an electrical control panel is to monitor, control, and protect electrical equipment and circuits.

It helps to distribute power to different parts of a facility or building and ensures that electrical systems operate safely and efficiently. Electrical Panel labels should include the circuit breaker number or fuse identification, the circuit location, and the amperage rating.

For an Electrical Panel we need to consider various parameters like Incomer, Outgoing, Phase, Voltage, Frequency, Material, Construction of panel. Electrical panels comply with a range of codes and regulations, including the National Electrical Code (NEC). Panels include information about which codes and regulations apply to the panel and how to comply with them.

It has wiring diagrams, which help electricians to troubleshoot problems and maintain the system properly. It also has safety guidelines prominently displayed in the electrical panel which include warnings about the dangers of electrical shock, instructions on how to use personal protective equipment, and information about how to properly ground electrical equipment.

Another Integral part of an electric power system is Switchgear. It includes Digital Ammeter, Power Contactor, MCCB, RCCB, Digital VAF Meter.